mBuino raycasting

Here is the mBuino raycasting a maze, not bad for 50Mhz over an SPI interface. Performance is good enough that I could probably get textured walls, but right now my thinking is that there will not be enough memory.


Excellent, just what I wanted to see :slight_smile:

The code for the ray caster is published at the following location


@ taylorza - The program is pretty cool. The first time I ran it I did not understand what I was looking at so I googled ray casting. Once my brain knew what it was seeing the maze was there.

@ Bill_Wyo - Thanks. If I had done texture mapping it would have been more obvious that it was a maze, and speed wise it can be done quite easily the issue is memory to hold the textures. I have an idea however that I believe will allow me to have at least a single texture for the walls, just need time to test the theory…

Here are some previous implementations with texture mapped walls that I did on devices with more memory. All these are done using GHI’s RLP extensions for .NETMF.

This one was on the FEZ Spider, lots of memory so I even had objects in the maze

And this on the FEZ Game-O, less memory so no objects in the maze, essentially this is a FEZ Cerberus

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@ taylorza - in the code you helped me with a while back, it sets walls art different shade to make things look much better at very little performance penalty.you should it if no textures are used…Just saying :wink:

@ Gus - That is a good idea, I will take a look at adding that quickly.