mBuino offline compiling and debugging

As some of you might know, the mbed compilation system was out for a number of hours last night. And coincidentally it was at the very time I thought I would take a break from what I was doing an tinker with my mBuino.

One thing I had not tried yet was to setup an offline build environment, since Em::Blocks now has an importer for mbed projects I thought I would give it a try. One of the best things I ever bought was my little J-Link EDU (Thanks again Gus for pointing me in that direction in the days of the DL40) four after a few minutes of configuration I was up and running with full debugging.

I was also able to get uVision compiling and running code on the mBuino.

Next I want to try using CMSIS-DAP, esp. from Em::Blocks using OpenOCD that has the potential to provide a completely free software stack for offline mbed development with debugging, assuming I have understood the premise of CMSIS-DAP correctly. But right now my trusty J-Link is doing the trick.

Update : Added a quick and dirty image showing how I connected the J-Link to the mBuino


Excellent. Would be really great if you can put up some sort of step by step tutorial how to set all that up. :whistle:

@ Architect - I definately will, finally have something to put on my long neglected blog :slight_smile:


EXCELLENT! One thing off my to do list :dance:

Wow Taylorza. Over the past two years since I first joined this forum you have given so much usefull and interesting codeshare’s. I have been contemplating getting a J-Link edu for quite some time now, but this is a very convincing motivation.

Can I ask you one question about the j-link. Do you have to buy it for a specific microcontroller tipe, or are they all the same.

@ KiwiSaner - thanks, I appreciate that.

The J-link from Segger covers a wide variety of cores, you can see the full list at the following site Supported CPUs and devices

There are also manufacturer specific jtag devices, like ST-Link for STM32/STM8 processors, these are much cheaper but limited to chips from the provider. A very cheap way to get a ST-Link is to buy a discovery or nucleo board, they come with a full featured ST-link which can be used standalone, I have used this with my Cerberus boards. And of course you have the bonus of having another Kick-a$$ development board, the ST-Nucleo is also an mbed device.

Then there are the open hardware devices, they are cheap and work with a range of cores, but I have no experience with these so I do not know what the limitations are etc.

Beware, J-Link also has OEM devices which are J-Link devices which are limited to specific manufacturer chips. For example, you get SAM ICE which is a J-Link device limited to the ATMEL MCUs.

The J-Link Edu can be bought from mouser for 60USD