mBuino don't work with gcc

I just received my mBuino and started play around with.
exporting the Blinky test prg and compile it with gcc doesn’t work at all.

After copying the firmware to the device and reseting, mBuino come back with the CRP DISABLD device. It look like, there is a bug with gcc code on the mbed.


I found the problem…

mBuino bootloader (actually the LPC11UXX) expect to have checksum at 0x1c
(see NXP AN11305).
By default, the gcc chain doesn’t generate the checksum, so the bootloaded rejects the code. This is on mbed env different, mbed online compiler generated the binary code with the checksum.

on Programming Seeeduino Arch(LPC11U24) on Windows, Linux or Mac | Mbed you can download the checksum prg, run it on the gcc generated binary file, copy to mBuino and mBuino starts to work even with gcc ,)


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Good progress but the link is hidden.


On the mbed site