mBuino battery and holder

What is the suggested battery nodel for the holder that was with the kickstarter project? Do people have recommendations for an easier to attach holder?

I’m buying a few mBuinos today and want to operate them with coin cells. I have several 2302 cells lying around but they are just 3.0V. They do fit in the holder.

@ DaddyOh - CR2032 is the correct battery.

Not sure what you mean by “an easier way to attach holder”. It’s pretty easy to solder to the provided pads. Or am I missing something?


I remember people complaining about the fact that the solder pads are hard to get to. Not on the board but the older. If the 2302 is right then I have lots of batteries. Woot.


@ DaddyOh - BTW - the FAQ section of the Kickstarter page:


includes the model number for the battery holder, if that was what you were looking for (or if anyone else needs it).

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I can only speak for myself, and I had no trouble soldering it. Just tinned both the pads on the mBuino, and then positioned the battery holder and heated the terminals until the solder flowed. Worked fine.

I ended up removing my battery holder because I added headers to be able to breadboard with it, and the pins were too short to seat in the breadboard with the battery holder attached. IIRC, someone suggested adjusting the pins so that they are longer on the breadboard side, but since removing the headers would be kind of a pain at this point, I’ll have to try that with my next mBuino.


I just ordered some new mBuinos so can solder the holder onto one of them. I have pins installed on the original.

Soldering the holder-pads is easy. No problems what so ever…

But when you write “2302”, do you mean “CR2032”? (CR2032 is round, 20mm x3.2mm)

The battery is also covered on the mBuino platform page on mbed, http://developer.mbed.org/platforms/Outrageous-Circuits-mBuino/