mBuino arrived

Can’t wait for the weekend, my mBuino arrived today! This will be my first embed device so I am interested to see what it has to offer.


Excellent news. I hope mine arrive soon too and that we will dedicate a whole section of this forum to mBuino. Exciting times!


Still waiting for mine…guess I should’ve backed earlier…

UPDATE: Just arrived. Woohoo!

2 new toys in 2 days (got a Lumia 1520 yesterday to replace my 920)…I’m a lucky Devhammer!

@ taylorza - That is very nice device indeed and so easy to work with!

I use the 17xx mbed and it is great to play with :slight_smile: I am eagerly waiting for my mBuino to arrive :slight_smile:

woo hooo … perfect timing … I just got my email … “GHI Electronics LLC has sent you a package”

licking my chops now :slight_smile:

also as a side note… this means that all the mbuino have been shipped … I was one of the last backer … I waited to the very end :-[

apparently it doesn’t mean that at all Rajesh… no email yet :(not that I need more “oooh look, shiny”)

Also still waiting for email shipment notification. Looking forward to the new toys, but like Brett I probably have too many already. (In any case, that is what my wife claims. For me its just a case of not enough play time.)

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Well this is a very FEZ product to play with!

Easily within in the first 10 minutes you can overwrite the program that the board comes with.

@ mhectorgato - Thanks, I received mine as well today and as you say… really very easy to work with. I can now use the USB interface to spew out debugging serial data similiar to how I would normally do on Arduino boards. I’m looking forward to when mbed starts to officially support the mBuino and we can see all the cool project that people make with this.

Is there a quick start guide for mBuino somewhere? I might like to try mine out during lunch today.

Here is an example submitted by one of the Kickstarter backers

@ Gary - Any updates on native support for mBuino on mBed.org?

@ devhammer - We have worked out all of the details, we are just awaiting the next mbed SDK release. When that is released, the mBuino should show as a platform and the platform page should be live. Once it is live then we will start linking to examples etc.

Gary is wise not to speculate on actual dates… 'cause we’ll hold him to it :slight_smile:


Another example can be found on my mbed page here:
mBuino_Dice - Electronic dice application for the mBuino platfo… | Mbed
Add a button or tilt-switch to your mBuino to turn it into electronic dice. No soldering required! See included pictures and the description for connections.
The demo mode includes some additional blinking patterns.

The latest version includes techniques such as an interrupt routine and deep sleep to preserve battery power.

Edit: as newbie my link seems hidden. The project page is on mbed.org in /users/maxint/code/mBuino_Dice/

Have fun!


@ devhammer @ ransomhall - There is a rumor that the SDK will be released on 9/12, but with all the different time zones let’s just say I heard that by 9/13 we should be good.


I have been distracted with my FPGA tinkering, but today I got my logic analyzer in the post so I figured the best way to put it to some use and learn mbed at the same time would be to build a SignalGenerator library.

This is truly a v0.1, I still need to clean the code a little but it works


Hmm…wonder if I could use this to drive my IR LED module and make an mBuino IR heli controller? :wink: