mBot 5v Ultrsonic sensor + neopixel - how to get 5V

I have a hc-sr04 sensor for distance and want to use it on the mBot. the hc-sr04 is a 5V device and the mBot is 3.3.

I have level shifters for 3.3 to 5v digital signals. But since the mBot is powered by 3.3V how do I get to 5v for the hc-sr04 and neopixels.

I’m thinking of using Pololu 5V Step-Up Voltage Regulator NCP1402

I also need to power the 5v side of a 8 led neopixel strip. Each LED is 20ma so

8 x 20ma = 160ma + 15 ma for hc-sr04 = 175ma.

And the neopixel will be set to have the brightness at ~50%. So this will mean the current draw is much less. Anybody see any reason this won’t work?

Eric (aka daddyOh)

@ DaddyOh - Another alternative is to provide a separate power supply to the LED and sensor. It’s usually a good idea to power your LEDs separately anyway, particularly as you use more of them.

Sparkfun has something

SparkFun 5V Step-Up Breakout - NCP1402 PRT-10968 RoHS