MBN Quail board available for sale

Hello all,

as you already know, we were working on a NETMF board using MikroBus sockets.

Today is a big day for us as the board is now available for sale on the MikroElektronika website : Quail — click boards meet .NET Micro framework | MikroElektronika ;D

MikroElektronika quality standards are quite high so you are now assured to have a “professionnal quality” board, with support for both hardware and software.

There is also a news post on their frontpage :

Almost everything is detailed on their website, but what they do not say is that we provide some Gadgeteer drivers as well : http://www.mikrobusnet.org/downloads-2#DriversCSS|gadgeteerdrivers|1

Currently only three drivers are available but we will add more in the next few days. Gadgeteer modules can be used with our G-Adapters ( https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/topic?id=16887&page=2#msg182537 )

Every driver is pure NETMF and is open-source. So it can be used for any module from any brand if it is using the same chip.




Cool :clap:

I try it.

Very cool! - Are there plans for Mikro Elektronika to sell your other boards?

can we get them to make a compiler for it? I think that would be interesting to see what they could come up with

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@ MRTFEREN - it is a netmf board. Visual Studio is the compiler.


Thank you all !

Not yet. But it has not been discussed that much either.

Since they are new in the NETMF world, I presume that they saw the Quail as a good compromise between risk and benefit to start this business.


we have just added three Gadgeteer drivers :

  • GHI’s Character display
  • Justin’s RF Pipe
  • Seeed Studio barometer

You can download them on our website : http://www.mikrobusnet.org/downloads-2

More drivers will be added in the next few days.

Please note that the Gadgeteer drivers we add here are either decompiled from DLLs or modified versions from their original authors. We change them so that they conform to the MBN drivers coding interface and hardware ( http://www.mikrobusnet.org/product-category/shopgadapters ) .
We do not reinvent the wheel for those modules, so there is no new feature and no bug fix either.

Of course, credits go where they are due :hand:

And for those who may not have seen it yet, Colin Miller is talking about the Quail board :wink:


To be fully honest, I have to thank GHI about this.
Although they are seeing us as “competitors”, they did not hesitate to promote us. :hand:


What do you get when your order a Quail ?