MBN is adding Gadgeteer drivers


since we now propose G-Adapters to use Gadgeteer modules on the MikroBus sockets you can find on our boards, it was obvious we would also offer drivers for those modules.

We are starting with 3 drivers : Flash, PIR and Tunes. Many others will be added soon, of course.


Those are small drivers that do not even need the use of our Virtual Socket feature, but next ones will do !
If you do not know or remember what are Virtual Sockets, then you can read this post : http://mikrobusnet.org/bb/index.php/topic,94.0.html

[em]Please note that the drivers have been coded by MBN and as such do not imply any endorsement from GHI Electronics.[/em]

[em]“Isn’t MBN awesome ! Promoting a competing product ! I am going to tap Stephen and myself on the shoulder and say good job” [/em]


10/10 amazing