MBN drivers for TinyCLR


Today, we are starting to port our base of NETMF drivers for Click boards to TinyCLR 0.12.0.

You can find the first two of them on our board : https://mikrobusnet.org/bb/index.php/board,29.0.html. Those are ADC Click (MCP3204) and Bargraph Click (74HC595).

We hope to be able to convert the huge base as fast as possible.




hi Christophe

glad to hear that. this is a great new for all people using Quail and/or click boards

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Thank you very much !

I have added the .dfu file for Quail as well.

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Very, very good news :slight_smile:

Thank you for your interest !

Do you have any “priority” for the drivers you would like to be ported ?

Currently, the following are in the pipe :

  • Accel Click (ADXL345)
  • Devantech LCD03 (both I²C and serial)
  • Eeprom Click (along with the Storage class)
  • Flash Click (again with Storage class and onboard Flash support for Quail)
  • LedRing Click
  • SevenSeg Click

Those should be available very soon.

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ADC3 click
Relay click
10DOF click
SHT1x click
Force click
Motor4 click
Stepper click and
RS232 click


That’s Santa’s list :grinning:

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That’s it :santa:

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Relay Click driver is online. This one was very easy :wink:

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C , C U Not

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SHT 1x
Air Quality 4
UV click
weather click
environment click


I knew I shouldn’t ask for lists :cry:

Anyway, UV Click should be pretty straight forward but I don’t have it. Perhaps Stephen can help in testing, here.
Same for Weather and Environment Click, I think.

I don’t have OLED-B and AQ4.

ETH is on its way as well but we have issues with this one :frowning:

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mikroe should provide you free clicks for development.
after all, this may increase their sales. (as they sell your Quail board)
bad commercial behaviour … :frowning:

MikroElektronika did provide free Click boards to us ! They have even provided marketing supports and some other stuff as well. All for free !
Of course, we have also bought many boards on our own. Because we can’t ask for everything for free.

So I have to disagree with you on this point, as MikroE really helped us with the Quail board. But you did not know that :wink:

Edit: And btw, another well-known manufacturer did the same as well. Even though they could have seen us as competitors… Guess who ? :wink:


Good to hear that. Helping each other is always a win win situation. And I think I know the other competitor ! and I will not complaint about him for sure !!! :slight_smile:

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@MNO : Stepper driver is available.


SHT 1x Click and the SHT Click based on Sensirion’s SHT3x-DIS (a true I2C device) have been ported to TinyCLR and are available for download from the driver section of the MikroBUS.Net forum.


Good news. Not sure but I may have one somewhere :slight_smile:

BME280 driver v1.1 released.

This version fixes an issue with temperature and humidity measurements when PowerMode was set to “On” (related to “Gaming”, “IndoorNavigation” and “FullPower” recommended modes ).


MBN DFU file has been updated to v1.1 to include ADC support.

The sockets definitions in mbn.cs have been updated as well to include the ADC channels.