Mbed support

Hi, I don’t log in for a Long time.
I use your products for many years since I was a PhD Student to an assistant professor now.
I have many of your products(NETMF to Gadgeteer).
Now I change to Mbed system.
I am curious why you give up Mbed supporting?
ARM seems to make a big effort on Mbed.

For me, debugging tools are critical for reduced development time. Mbed requires a fair bit of work for this whereas TinyCLR and NETMF are as simple as plugging in the USB cable. The only current downside to TinyCLR and NETMF is the need to run under Windows but that is likely to change in time. :slight_smile:

Mbed is old in my opinion and too complex for a beginner yet no denying makes it a tough option for a professional.

Let me ask you this, why did you choose mbed?