mBed SugarSkull pendant

Waiting for some parts to arrive. Hopefully will have a working sample by the end of the next week.


That’s awesome!

@ ianlee74 - Thanks!


@ Architect - that is an “outrageous circuit” :slight_smile:

@ Gus - It is indeed! ;D

Did you daughter design the artwork?

GHI will be selling these right?

@ ianlee74 - No, I bought it on one of the artwork selling sites.

@ MRTFEREN - If there is enough interest I will offer it for sale.

Does the art come with a license that would permit it?

@ ianlee74 - Yes.

Link please…?

It works!!!

From battery only, unfortunately. I might have damaged LDO. Used >300C hot air. Spec sheet said 260 max. :frowning:


@ Architect - I saw somebody in Miami wearing a shirt with the same skull print. I wanted to take a picture for you of him but he was like seven feet tall, I got scared :slight_smile:


Well, at least I’m not the only one who has trouble with a hot air station. :wink:

Sorry to hear you trashed a component, though. FWIW, WS2812B blinkies don’t much like anything over 250C…they get kind of…melty.

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@ Architect - I want to order one, my middle son would love it. Let me know when they are part of your catalog.

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@ Gus - Lol. I am scared of little people. Just kidding.

Yeah, my daughter has hoodie and some other sugarskull stuff.

@ devhammer - It didn’t melt. First one got really hot. Must be a short inside. Input was showing weird 4.64 or something like that, nothing on output. So I put another one without checking the spec sheet. Second didn’t get hot and shows 5v on input, but nothing on output.

Gladly you can still program it, while battery is inserted.

I still have one LDO left. I’ll assemble another skull later using the right temperature this time.