Mbed & mBot on Android Authority

Check out Gary Sims from Android Authority as he talks about mbed and mBot!


forward to about 12 minutes :slight_smile:

@ Gus - you can click the link at the bottom and go right to it.

Do you guys work in the same building?

No but why would you say that?

Just thinking that you could use the forum for inter-office memos. ;D

Have you never noticed that Gus and I talk to each other all the time on the different threads? ;D

Yes, that’s why I wondered if you were in separate buildings.

I thought you are talking about the guy who made the video, not Gary and I ;D

@ suitable1 - No we are in the same building but we are both always on the forum, sometimes this is easier! :smiley:

Better than smoke signals.

Do you sit across from each other? :smiley:

Lol, no, there is one wall and 2 doorways between us. :wink: