Mbed loader

Question for GHI.

How do you guys flash the mbed loader to the board?

The chip we use has a built in loader, nothing to load.

Interesting. What are you guy using TP6, 7 and 8 for?


What chip is it? Schematic shows LPC11U2X_HVQFN33. I don’t see that chip on Digikey or Mouser. Is that part number accurate?


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Thanks. So, are you saying that if I use this chip that mBed programs can be directly uploaded to it as if it were a USB drive the same as with the mbuino or is there another step in the middle?

Yes, no steps. :slight_smile:

That was easy!

Is there any guidance yet in regards to mBed chips that will support Llilum?

@ ianlee74 - Does this help a bit, direct from llilum native project in VS2015 default application template.

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That does. Thanks!

@ .Peter. - Sorry for my ignorance, can you explain what this picture shows? Not sure how mbed, llilum, c# and NETMF are related here?

But it sure sounds interesting.

Llilum is built on top of mbed (uses the mbed toolchain). Llilum is the future .NET compiler for microcontrollers. His picture shows me the chips currently supported by Llilum. So, if I build an mbed board today using one of those chips then it will also be supported by Llilum.

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@ ianlee74 - That makes sense, and is really cool. Now I just need the NETMF part of the story…

Well, there really is not a NETMF part of the story other than to say that Llilum will mostly likely replace NETMF at some point in the (not so near) future. But, its also possible that they could live side-by-side for many years. That story hasn’t been written yet. :wink:

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