Maybe you have seen this.. If not... Very cool stuff!

I do not have or probably ever get a pi but still … I may have too…

Be sure to watch the video

Oh-oh! Don’t let @ Duke Nukem see this. :smiley:

The Logo probably doubled the build cost :smiley:

Good find Will.

@ Justin So did you get it?

The start of a new conspiracy theory?

No, your pilot license :smiley:

@ Architect - hahahahaha - dah…

I did have a go in a Cessna once…

Too late I’ve seen it and I had a good chuckle over it too as I was wondering what the melting point of Lego was. I’ve worked on all sorts of super computers from the mega CPU to the massively parallel and the kicker is always heat, but maybe if your using a Raspberry Pi based computer the only problem your trying to solve is mine sweeper so heat wouldn’t be a problem. I would have liked to have seen how they were coordinating all their CPUs as that would have been interesting.

Maybe I need to buy a Raspberry Pi and give it a go here and see if I like it or not, but I’m not sure given it doesn’t fit my needs as well as Gadgeteer does. I’m sure the kid is hiring a legal team now to sue, just like Apple in the real Computer Science world would.