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That seems to be a really large print. Bigfoot?

This is a standard 480x272 display. Perhaps the view angle is misleading ?

Why so much electronics on the LCD adapter board?

This is a FTDI FT800 chip on it, so it needs some components.
And sound is supported as well on the Click board, thus needing another set of parts.

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Oooooh, FTDI, got it now. Nice.

Thank you :-[

off topic, but your name… “bec a”?

All this time I thought it was short for “Rebecca”

And then I discover you are male… why “bec a fuel”?

@ mtylerjr : a private story, sorry I cannot tell more :hand:

Anyway, just to keep you informed and while we are at the NETMF 4.4 firmware, we are now adding FTDI FT810 support, which means 800x480 resolution and different new features like portrait/landscape modes, for example.

Here are two videos that show this support in action :


The above video was using a 5" display with the FT810 (and a 4.3" for the FT800). Here is the same code with a 7" display :

The FT810 board is not visible because it is behind the display :wink:
The end of the video is showing the active 7" display with a 5" and a 4.3" display just below, for size comparison.



Would it be more fun with sound ? :wink:

It is playing a 44100 Hz audio file from the USB stick on the FT810 speaker. The real sound is much better than in the video, even on that small speaker.