MaxO & ULN2803

I have hooked up 4x ULN2803 darlington array.
I am having trouble with the output of the MaxO module.

Has anyone hooked up a ULN2803 to the MaxO?
If so what did it look like?

Many thanks.

How did you connect it? Draw something and post back please.

Welcome to community.

Literally each output of the MaxO straight into the input of the ICs
Then resistor & LED on the outputs for debug, and the relevant power hookups for the ICs.

I found out that it was a problem with inverted values with write array. I used write pin and got what I was expecting.
The output was always high, and I thought I had wired it up wrong somehow (although hard to see how).

You are right. There is a Bug in the driver. I have the Same Problem: