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MaxO and Arduino Relais Module


I would like to use this Arduino 8X Relay module with my Cerberus board:

Each relay is activated with a 5mA input, MaxO outputs are 10mA, can I use it safely…?

Thank you very much for your help.



quoting your post to get the link public


I asked to module distributor, they said me it is possible as 10 mA >= 5mA.

My next question now is, can I use the 7 GPIO pins of a X socket to directly drive the Relais module…? Are outputs > 5mA ? I cannot find this information from GHI documentation…

Thank you very much for your help.



5mA is pretty low requirement, so I am comfortable saying you’ll be fine. The place to check is the processor datasheet - there you will see that current sink/source is rated at 25mA


Thank you Brett :slight_smile: !!! So I can skip to buy the Max0, as I need to drive 7 relais only ( I will use a breakout module to directly sold some gpio pins of my Cerberus to the arduino relais module).

Thank you very much again for your help !!