Maximum Vbat

What is the maximum voltage for Vbat? The spec says max is 3.6V but it also says the absolute max value is 4.6V.

So, can I power it directly from a Lipo that charges to 4.2V or not? :slight_smile:

I’ve powered a Panda II RTC through VBAT with the lithium ion coin cell that SparkFun sells without issue… or at least, without an obvious issue…

Let us know if you successfully use a bigger lipo.

@ ransomhall. Nice… How long did it run on that battery?

I lost patience testing that at about 3 days, so have never got a max number… in theory, it would go a lot longer, on the order of months. Doing the math suggests over a year, but that is extremely “theoretical”.

I would stick with 3.6V max

So I will be forced to add an ultra low current vreg to my already cramped hex walker PCB… :slight_smile: