Maximum baud rate for a spider serial port?


I would like to know if I can setup an UART port at 2.000.000 bauds ? If so what should be the fractional divider register ?

It’s to connect the spider to a 32x16 RVB led display.

I remember last time i tested, it gave me a wrong value if baud rate is 921600, so I think we can not reach 2.000.000 with Spider in NETMF.

If you are transmitting then you will be okay but revieve will not keep up.

@ Dat,

I make it work at 1M on a Spider for my Dynamixel AX-12 project. Using :

Register U0FDR = new Register(0xE000C028);
U0FDR.Write((8 << 4) | 1); //fix the fractional divider register

@ Gus,

Thanks for the answer. The good news it’s for my 32x16 led display I just need to transmit :slight_smile:

PS : I have finished my AX12 “smart car”, remotely control on an Android Phone via Bluetooth. Do you think if people will be interested by an AX12 module ?

AX12 is a sweet servo

I would - any idea of how much you would charge and time to produce? Ideally, would like ability to control 2-4 AX12 or AX18s per module.

@ Gus,

After testting :

Spider : not working above 1M Baud even on transmit only :frowning:
Cerberus and Hydra : are working good at 2M Baud, at least on transmit only.

@ stevepresley

I didn’t yet make accurate cost evaluation, but will say between USD 15-20.

Have you put a scope to see what you get out at 2M Baud? Just curious

Scope wil be my next Xmas gift …


PS : The Arduino Mega working well at 2MB …

@ zakhounet - what would the AX12 module do?

@ Justin, @ stevepresley

I have in mind to build a module with on one side the 10 pins Gadgeteer socket and on the other side 2 AX12 3 pins connectors + 1 Vcc connectors 2 pins (12 volts Robotis battery) . So far I am using a prototype based on a DuinoProto and the Driver is almost finished.

I’ve attached 1 picture of the BT remote via a Galaxy SIII and 1 picture of the DuinoProto and ashort demo of the “smart car”, sorry for the quality, just to show you progress done since :

:slight_smile: :wink: :slight_smile:

Cool bot!

@ Ianlee,


@ Justin, @ stevepresley,

This is what I have in mind but for gadgeteer :

@ zakhounet - Nice one - cool project by the way

Was think about going something similar for these…

@ Justin,

Yes, we already talked about it, but unfortunately I don’t have such servo to test …

@ zakhounet - I feel a joint project coming on…

@ Justin,

With a great pleasure …

Shoot me an email to steve at steve presley dot net - want to discuss funding a run of these in the very near future if you’re interested.

@ steve

will do very soon.

@ stevepresley -