MAX31885 wiring question

So I’m just getting ready to release my Adafruit AD8495 and MAX31885 breakout boards module code. These are both Thermocouple amplifiers and for all you old time Gadgeteer folks the MAX31885 was used in GHI’s Thermocouple Module.

I do have one question before I release as my breakout board uses

MISO on pin 3
CS on pin 4
CLK on pin 5

this gives me a nice straight line wiring diagram (see attached image), but if I were to change it to

MISO on pin 3
CLK on pin 4
CS on pin 5

then you could use the driver with the GHI Thermocouple module and yes I tested with negative temperatures etc. So should I wire it up so its clear how to wire or wire it up to be compatible with the old GHI Thermocouple module, or does anyone really care?

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let me see, zero driver mod to “emulate” another module with a little harder wiring, or use another pin definition and need a different driver but the wiring looks “better”. My view is use the existing driver - it’s essentially in-box because it’s in the GHI Gadgeteer SDK so I’d prefer not to have to worry about integrating something else into the stack.


+1 for that, keeps the business end simple then.

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