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Max Amps on Pin?


I have seen this come up a couple times, but I can’t seem to find the answer all of a sudden. I browsed through the literature a bit and still no…

What is the max amps that an “Input” pin can accept. I have been a bit naive about hooking things up here and there, and upon seeing a toasted Panda, I am a bit nervous that I could inadvertently do the same.

Also, for an “Output”, should there be a max draw on it too?

Mike in MN


Amps for input pin doesn’t mean anything! Current is only for output pin



Your right, amps “input” are only as much as the “FEZ” would draw. Electricity 101… I bad.

Anyways, what about “Output” current then? Component hardware draw. (LED or other hardware)

Mike in MN


Its at the top in General discussions ( this topic )

Gus has dedicated a thread to it…

Cheers Ian



Thanks, there get to be so many of those locked/sticky topics, I don’t even see them anymore…Sorry.

Mike in MN

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