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Matrix operation


I want to know is there a library for matrix operation for example I find in the net.


Go on codeplex an search for ‘matrix’. You will find plenty of C# math/matrix libraries.
These are no NETMF projects, but porting the code should be easy.

  1. Create a NETMF project.
  2. Add a class of a fitting name.
  3. Paste the code into it.
  4. Check if it compiles.


If you do matrix operations, you have to be careful to select a device with enough memory to support your application.


sorry but I download module that contains class which he called LinearAlgerbra but I have a problem that there are error


@ riad1986 - The code you loaded contains references to standard .NET namespaces. You need to determine if the accessed functionality is available in the Micro Framework, and which namespaces and DLL it is located.

There is a discussion of this subject in


System.Linq and System.Collections.Generic are not supported in NETMF.
You can not use someType line IEnumerable<…>.
You need to use plain IEnumerble, IList, ArrayList (instead of List and List<…>) and then cast to the item type when extraction the item.