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Maths on the fez


This is aimed at the guy’s at GHI really

I am optimising certain math routines ie ,* 8, / 8 etc…
but when I optimise x / 8 and replace with x >> 3, I barely see any discernible speed change…

Are the math routines already optimised?



It should be faster but since NETMF is interpreted, the overhead for an instruction might make this less significant.
Try it in a loop of 1000 times what results do you get?

start timing
for(int i = 0; i < 1000; i++)
result = x /8;
end timing


It’s in a pixel drawing routine so there are quite a few iterations…

It must be the managed code overhead.

This gives me a push to try RLP. But as I’m watching this site, I’ve noticed that optimizing RLP is an art in itself…



Yeah, if you want to speed things up, someday you’ll need to write some assembly, those free arm compilers don’t or are very bad in optimising the output. I figured that out while creating a rlp setline method. Even with everything in asm I did not reach the speed of Bitmap.DrawLine. the call to rlp takes too long for that.