Map COM4 to An1-An2 instead of An3-4

To get better compatibility to connect to Parallax peripherals connected to its 20 Pin expansion bus, is it possible by changing the Register Numbers in the code below to map Com4 to An1-An2 instead of the An3-An4?

// remap COM4 RX (in) pin from P4.29 to P0.26
// remap COM4 TX (out) pin from P4.28 to P0.25
Register PINSEL9 = new Register(0xE002C024);
PINSEL9.Write(0);// COM4 is now disconnected from P4.28 and P4.29
Register PINSEL1 = new Register(0xE002C004);
PINSEL1.SetBits(0xf << 18);// COM4 is now connected to An3 and An4

Are the Register addresses described in any available NXP LPC2388 chip document?

The only possible maping is what is listed in manual.

Yes the lpc23xx user manual explains all registers but you shouldn’t use it unless you really know what you are doing