Male Header for Panda and Micro SD Card Expansion

Can someone point me to a source for a male header I can add to my panda for the Micro SD Card Expansion? I assume I would want something soldered on vs solderless.

DigiKey, Mouser, Jameco, local electronics stores

I could use a bit more guidance if possible. What exactly should I be looking for.

For example, I found this: 10 pin 2mm pitch header
or This : 20mm long Break away header
or This: Solderless header

I’m unsure what I need from the variety of options available. The SD Card module came with a female header already attached. So I need the male header to fit that, and connect to the Panda board.

The first one is for XBee modules, they have the wrong spacing (2mm versus 2.54mm).

The 2nd ones are long header, usually used to created stacked shields.

The 3th one is ok (solder-less)

Personally, I bought a heap from ebay as you can use a lot of them :slight_smile:

If you look you can find sets of both male and female - perfect for DIY shields