Making it move. hopefully easy question

Any reason that I can not use this:
(fixed link)

with a just a couple of gadgeteer motor controllers, and a 7.2V sub C battery pack?

Am I likly to fry everything, or will it be fine?


the link says the product is not available…

anyway, the motor controller is designed to isolate the power for the motor. of course, you can always “fry everything”, but it’s hard to do with this module if you use it as designed.

fixed the link (Hopefully). Badly written website.

nice! so you’re planning to buy the shell and use a gadgeteer board and modules to make this go?

My aim is to say to it: ‘go and find zoiberg’, and it should hunt around the room, find the mini zoiberg and run it over (or grab it depending). Picked up a couple of motor controlls, a usb battery charger, compas, and a few other odds and ends.

Have been reading up on how to connect sonar range finders to exenders.

The electronics scare me, but the coding should be fine.

Tempted to use my mobile phone as the brains of the device, as camera and voice recognition built in. In code the voice recognition is fairly easy to work with.

Knocked up my first android program last weekend and not that bad, and have found a way to quickly access to the camera raw data through java.

Trying to connect in adhoc mode. Thought I spotted a page a while back that said that looked like the wifi would support creating an adhoc network. Prefer not to use bluetooth.