This is really cool. I’ll be curious to see someone’s results. I tried the Inkscape plugin last time and the results weren’t as expected.

Are you trying to talk me into buying a laser cutter? :slight_smile:

You can never have too many pals with cool tools :wink:

Surprised you have had me 3D print anything yet :wink:

I need to do a little maintenance on the printer this week (rods need cleaning after a couple weeks in the garage) but then I’ll have a nice new case…and maybe even get that print out to @ FireyFate I promise…stupid printer.

Sure sure… this is just like that time I guessed the person’s weight at the county fair and they gave me a stuffed animal that had scabies.

Sadly, I haven’t had time to make anything except videos for the past couple months and I haven’t had enough time to make them… I did make some shelves for my wife this weekend, though. Exciting stuff…I’m sure you’ll see that on Hack-a-Day soon… :wink:

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