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This does not seem to be only about MakeCode. I found a MakeCode site called Maker MakeCode Editor which shows several boards more than the ones on the MakeCode site. For example, the Adafruit MO boards such as Flora and Gemma.

This becomes an issue to the newbie coder using MakeCode (me) because we now find hardware other than BrainPad and Micro:Bit and Circuit Playgound Express that seem to be programmable with MakeCode and they have on-line simulators .

So…for you at BrainPad, have you seen this GitHub Repository for Maker MakeCode where you can , I guess, identify your hardware ? I do not have enough knowledge about GitHub to search it properly; so I don’t know if you have been here to identify yourselves and your hardware, nor even if it is of interest to you. Just thought I’d let you know that I found this and it appears to apply to MakeCode hardware. GitHub - microsoft/pxt-maker: MakeCode target for "Maker" boards (beta)

“We welcome pull requests” whatever that means: Maker: A MakeCode editor for breadboarding

If you go here and click on “New Project” here, you will see many board types not listed on the MakeCode hardware site: MakeCode Maker - Blocks / Javascript editor ; maybe you could get BrainPad listed too? I guess you have to click on “Home” and then on “New Project” to see the other hardware types.

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Makecode has a lot of great features that are still behind the scenes. Like did you know there is a game engine you can use today on the BrainPad?

The make code team at Microsoft is extremely creative and clever. And we will be announcing new things as they become ready. Like you said, teachers do not necessarily know GitHub :slight_smile:

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