Make people aware about TinyCLR

I don’t know if the magazine is known in US, but it exists in Europe for years. They have one article on Meadow : A great board for .NET developers
You should let them know about TinyCLR and all the nice boards you show us


I think the article is more about the Meadow specifically. There are a few articles featuring the micro framework, nano framework and TinyCLR.

I didn’t have the magazine. But anyway, it think it’s important to spread the news, especially when the product is good…

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I have 2 I got from Kickstarter. They are on the shelf as they are too slow to download and no realtime debugging. SITcore is far better and we have realtime debugging and fast support.


Me too and I am also waiting for the debugger to have a look at it. And this is another good reason to spread the good news about TinyClr


Just like Dave: I also have 2 (one from the kickstart and one from afterward). I am also waiting on debugging. Might try out the new Octavo MP1 when it comes out since that can run both TinyCLR and DotNet Core at the same time (on different parts of the system).