MAKE Beta Team

Has anybody tried to get to the team?
Just got my welcome e-mail. Very excited about it!

That’s very cool. They picked the right person :wink:

Looks like they got overwhelmed with applicants, so those of us not so on the ball are outta luck. Ah well, I can’t even keep up with my own project possibilities.

@ architect - we’ll be looking for that first review blog post!

I’m on the team also! Looking forward to this!

@ Joe

Thanks! ;D

@ ransomhall

I am sure there will be more opportunities to get involved. As for the first blog. It is going to take some time. They still working on logistics, but we might get some action for the fall volume No. 32. I just received vol. 30 last week.

Focus Architect Focus Please, we need you to be Focused now…

That is NOT GUS, it’s JOE :wink:

and Congratulations…

Beta for what btw??? is it NETMF… or have i missed something?


I suspect this is the link:

As much fun as that sounds like, I don’t have enough time for the projects I have (think I’ll have to retire again so I have more time).

@ Joe

Sorry, man! :-[

@ Jay Jay

Thank for pointing this out.

Yes, MAKE created Beta Team program. So we will be given projects to build, before these projects will be published in the MAKE magazine. I remember when I got one of the first issues of the magazine when it was not so well known back in 2005 at Apple’s WWDC in San Francisco. I am a subscriber and keep all their issues.

One of my favorite magazines. By the way latest issue No 30 has interesting project about building a “Towel” plane similar to the one we saw here:

I am thinking about trying that project.

Architect and Ian,

Congrats! Looks awesome. I may just have to submit an application in hopes that they expand the team someday. :slight_smile:

Thanks, devhammer. They’d be foolish not to add you to the team!

This is great guys.

I’m predicting that every project review will end with “the project was fun but I recommend adding a NETMF micro to…” :wink:

Just found out that one of my colleagues took my advise and applied too. She got accepted as well. We have a team now. ;D

Cool. I’m looking forward to receiving the first project.

It is great that there are so many forum members which are part of the MAKE Beta Team as it says a lot about the talent level in this forum and now we have bleeding edge sources keeping us up to date with all the latest goodies, projects and news. Congratulations and thanks.

No joy for me…applications closed. Don’t call us, we’ll call you. :frowning:

They probably know how much free time I have (or don’t have, as the case may be).

I love Make magazine but the thing that frustraits me the most is the constant push towards Arduino. They somewhat grudgingly accept that there are other uC’s on the market and add the odd article but thats it.
This is a real opportunity to get some good coverage for .NetMF.

@ Architect and @ Ian are you guys going to be able to suggest artcles and reviews or do you just get “given” the project to review??

As I understand it, we are just given projects to build & review.

Anyone can submit projects to Make: to be included in the magazine. If you want to see more NETMF projects included in the magazine then I suggest you start writing :wink: I’d never really considered it in the past but I have been thinking along these lines since being accepted. I’m sure that being on the beta team does improve your odds slightly of having your projects chosen.

Make projects are submitted by community. So everybody is welcomed to submit it. I am sure GHI has a lot of cool projects in-house that can be turned into great Make articles.