Major complaints for GHI - and what to do with them

I have been thinking this over. Pondering, you might say. And I have a proposal.

If you have a major complaint, or even a minor complaint, about

GHI’s business model
or shipping costs
or catalog line
or product strategy
or availability in your country from your preferred distributor
or the choice of the processor used on a board
or the lack of support for SDLC and BISYNC protocols
or any other thing that is a complaint for GHI


Communicate with GHI directly through their contact forms and start a dialog with them - directly - with people who can do something about it - if they want to.

It always comes down to that. Gus always says, “Contact us and we will try to make you happy.”

If you want to be happy.
If you don’t want to be happy, please take it somewhere else.
If contacting GHI directly so that they can make you happy won’t make you happy, neither will a pile of forum posts.


Start your own company
or find a new vendor
or practice some mindfulness

The community welcomes you and wants to help
and be your Internet friend

Take complaints to the people who can - and want to - do something about it
when it can really make you happy

I can’t really help with those complaints.
I can’t add my voice to the complaint in a way that will help.
I can’t make anyone feel happier about the situation by expressing how the complaint is wrong.

Only GHI, through direct dialog has a chance at that.

That’s what I have been pondering. (say it, ‘pondering’, it’s fun to say).


I agree. There have been several threads over the years that have ended poorly simply because the conversation was taking place with the wrong people.

Are we supposed to read that post like poetry? The line spacing, etc. makes it look that way. :wink:

@ Blue Hair Bob - well said.

@ Blue Hair Bob - Hear, hear … well said, well actually written …

I just hope the ''complainers" get it too !!!

The complainers may not get it - but we will.
And we will point them to the correct channel. GHI directly.

@ Blue Hair Bob -
I agree. But I suppose sometimes it is also interesting to know if others share the same opinion about something. But in those cases I think it is important how you choose your wording.

PS : The word “pondering” is very fitting to your profile picture. :smiley:

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@ Blue Hair Bob - Ponderous, man…really ponderous. (This is Ponderous - YouTube)

Seriously though, good point.

And for anyone with complaints reading this…Bob’s NOT dismissing your concerns. Just trying to help you SOLVE your problems, instead of just venting. :slight_smile:

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The community is enriched by honest, varied discourse.

That’s all I’m interested in saying.

Except this: contact GHI, and yes, they will try to make you happy.