MainBoard with built-in Wifi

Now that you have stopped selling the Cobra-II with WiFi, any plans for a new mainboard with built-in WiFi support? Looking for inexpensive IOT .NETMF device.


We have a custom G120 based board with ENC28 Ethernet, SD Card, USB Client (galvanic isolated) USB host, connector for reset and loader mode, and 4 rows 20 pin Header exposing the remaining G120 GPIO’s.

But I guess it’s not an inexpensive board.
Our sell Price as a component in one of our devices is about 190€ (+ tax) if I remember right.
SInce the G120 SoM got cheaper and we Need it in higher numbers now might make it cheaper.
I also would have to check if we can sell it easily to an enduser.
I’m also not sure if my Boss want’s to sell it as a product at all.

If someone is really interested, I could talk to my Boss about it after his vacation.

Below is a Image of an early prototype.
of course it has evolved a Little bit, but the General layout is still the same.

If you look closely around the Ethernet connector, you can see some pads.
By this we can pit the redpine wifi module instead of ENC28 Ethernet on the same PCB. But so far we never have tested this variant.

You can still get the Eco board and solder the WiFi module on.

An inexpensive solution is indeed a Cerbuino Bee Mainboard with the WiFy RN-XV Module on the Xbee Socket.

I’ll second RoSchmi’s suggestion. While not “built-in”, the RN-XV combined with the Cerb Bee is the most reasonably priced IOT solution at this point. His driver (linked above) works great. If you do go this route, get the RN-XV with the u.FL connector for an external antenna to maximize range.

There has been some community work around the TI CC3300 module, which might be a cheaper solution, but I’m not sure if that is still alive or not.

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