MADExpo 2013 Call for Speakers is now open!

Hi All.
@ devhammer, @ petebrown and I are 3 of the main folks running the MidAtlantic Developer’s Expo (MADExpo). Last year, @ architect and @ Gus were also there and we had a great time!

We just opened MADExpo 2013’s call for speakers. Last year we had a great demo hall, but only a handful of NETMF and Embedded/Electronics talks. Would really love to have many more folks in the demo hall as well as giving talks about Gadgeteer, embedded development and electronics in general!

We are having this years conference on June 24-26th in Hampton, VA.

Conference main site is Information on speaking is at

If you are interested in showing off your projects in the demo hall, please let us know as well.

Also, call for sponsors will be opening shortly, so please contact me directly for more information on that aspect. spresley at madexpo dot us

Hope to see many of you there!

Awesome!!! :dance:

I have an idea. How about this year the badge for the conference will be more interesting. It can be something with flashing leds or even something more interactive similar to Ian’s clown badge. Learn to solder class can be made more interesting too. I like little robot dude from Maker’s Faire. If this is advertised ahead it can boost attendance too. :wink:

@ Gus are you guys coming this year? (I have my hookah ready :smiley: )

@ Architect - yep will be there with some new toys as well.

I am thinking about coming down south for this event. Do I need a visa?

No, just tell them Architect the superhuman (Devine) sent you :wink:

I thought Superman was coming to pick us all up? I hope to make it this year but I’m still leery of traveling that far with gadgets.

I think we should stop with this superhuman stuff… Valentin might begin to believe it and appear wearing tights and a cape. I am having trouble getting that image out of my head. :slight_smile:


I got permission from the woman to submit/attend. :smiley:

@ Ian, we could pick you up on the way. :wink:

Bring the woman too. Ocean is awesome!

Don’t worry, she’s coming. :smiley:

Awesome - be glad to meet everyone in person.

@ architect I was thinking about that too - not sure if we could swing everyone’s conference badge, but would be willing to chip in for those who want to make a badge. Let’s start a thread offline about it. Will loop in @ devhammer and @ petebrown as well.

Oooh… I like that idea. I’m afraid the only way I will be able to talk the wife into letting me go, though, is if I agree to bring her along to visit with family & friends while I’m there. Let me see what I can come up with. We may talk about this again.

Looks like this is going to be some party :slight_smile: very exciting.

I’m confused… Isn’t your wife’s name Eve? Do you travel with another wife??? :wink:

Atlantic ocean is awesome this time of year.

LOL - That interpretation never entered my mind. The capital O threw me off :smiley:

While the wife is all keen to attend Maker Faire Bay Area 2013 with me this year, I don’t think I could persuade her to let me go to MADExpo given I don’t have any Grand Kids in the area like I do in the San Mateo area. I suspect once we get to San Mateo she won’t go to the Maker Faire, but instead spend all her time with the Grand Kids and simply turn me loose to geek out despite how dangerous she knows that is. Grand Kids are the best for all sorts of reasons!!!

@ Ian - We should definitely chat about it, already submitted 3 talks, thinking about submitting a 4th. A combined Skewworks/Lee (or is it Lee/Skewworks) talk would be awesome. How to haul the Arcade Cabinet that whole way though…

And LOL yeah her name is definitely not “Ocean” :wink:

I think Zombie Cannon would be easier to move.