Made in china? No, proudly made in USA

Was browsing youtube learning about fireworks, happy Independence day USA, I came across this video. I know many companies have terrible work building in China but this is much worse than I expected!

So allow me to say “We are very proud to have our products made in USA”. Our employees use comfortable leather chairs in a climate controlled building! And still, our prices match what you see from quality Chinese products!!!

Of course this is not the case in every place in China.

This makes me appreciate my job … thanks!

Along with quality and customer support, this is the third reason in a trifecta of greatness that has turned me into such a FEZ fanatic.

Now if it was only legal to put on a FEZ controlled fireworks display in my backyard…

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@ ransomhall - Who says it’s not… :slight_smile:

Happy 4th everyone! It’s so dry here they’ve banned fireworks this year. So, I guess this is the closest I’ll get to any fireballs today :frowning:

No fireworks allowed in my state. Luckily the local police don’t enforce too strictly. Normally we’re just told to stop around 1030p unless someone does something stupid then it’s an immediate halt.

Happy birthday neighbor!!

@ ianlee74 I’d love to send you some of our rain was we had the wettest (and coldest) June on record here as we only had a couple of days in June where it didn’t rain.

Happy if belated 4th guys. I’m on vacation in Tunisia at the moment. 34 degrees C and sketchy wifi. I had to get away from the worst summer in the uk that’s can remember.

@ HughB - I’m flying to Liverpool this weekend. Should i bring my coat ? :frowning:

@ Gralin - Umbrella :slight_smile: - still fairly warm - just wet.