MAC Address of Client

Is it possible to get the MAC address of a remote client? I am using the Cerberus with 4.3.


TCP address, yes, but MAC address, no. Why do you need it ? It is only ever used in ARP requests on local network segments, so you knowing it means nothing.

What is your use case / scenario where that’s important? What do you want to achieve?

The Cerberus is acting as a gateway device; collecting data from devices on the local network and forwarding to the cloud using a cell modem. I use the MAC address from the devices to identify them since it is globally unique. Other gateway devices I use, like Win CE, Win 7 or Linux have full blown IP stack so its no problem to get the MAC address from a remote device.

If there is no easy way with .NET MF than I will add it to the devices data packet that gets sent to the Cerb.

If you mean, can my tcp client find out the mac address of another system by IP address the answer is no - unless you’re on the same LAN. ( e.g. ARP -A to show MAC table). But if there are any layer 2 devices between you, then no. You ou couldn’t know my MAC if I gave you my IP addresss, just as you couldn’t really determine whether my LAN is WIFI or phsical copper.

[A} tcp ->ethernet->physical media ----------- physical media ->ethernet->tcp [B]

The cheat to this is if the cilent software on [B] interrogates hardware for device capabilities and sends a message back.

Is this the scenario you’re asking? Can a NETMF device query it’s own MAC?

@ Dr9 - all devices are on the same LAN. I want the MAC of the device on the network, not my own MAC on the Cerb. I don’t see anything in the .netmf TCP/IP stack that allows me to get the MAC of a device on the network. I know its in the device somewhere but might be more work than its worth.

I control the software on the remote devices so I can embed the MAC in the data packet that gets sent to the Cerb. However, I was hoping to avoid a software update to those devices. Up until this point I have used bigger OS’s (Win CE, Linux, etc) that had full ARP capabilities.