Lunch anyone?

In celebration of finishing the next SDK release we are providing lunch for the company? Each employee gets their own whole chicken! When was the last time your job offered you this benefit? :smiley:

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@ andre.m - that’s for the management team!


I once heard that a wise man once said, “Eating a happier chicken will make you a happier person”.

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The question “how many people work at GHI, after all” is finally answered :slight_smile:

Looks like someone has been running free at Costco :slight_smile:

what SDK, where ? announcement ? when ???

Just in case anyone is curious,

lol, that’s only one cart! :wink:

@ Rajesh - “soon” :wink:

Well look at that, just when there is some news in the Insider corner, my access expires, what a luck…

@ Jay Jay - How did it go on the 10th?

@ Gary - Is the arrival of the chickens the big forthcoming news? ;D

His Majesty still taking his sweet time … got postponed until further notice… but it’s coming… :slight_smile:

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My company serves up an all-you-can-eat buffet every other Friday :wink:

More time to get some compelling royal-level demos and examples done right !

@ ianlee74 - let me know the next buffet is. ;D

Lol, no, but it’s still good news!

@ Jay Jay - keep us posted, if he makes you part of the royal family you have to fly us over in your private jet. ;D

I don’t know what you’re talking about :whistle:

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@ Gary - This coming Friday. Shall I let them know you’ll be providing a lunch-time demo? :wink: