LPC23xx Register Visual BIT Manipulator - GHI Class Bit Manipulation - A Calculator/Learning Tool!

Hi Everyone,

I have been busy working out a way to better use the Register Class. I have learnt a-lot in the past few days and want to pass some of my work on to others that may find this helpful!

I have uploaded to the “Code Share” section a small App I have built that gives a Visual Representation of the LPC23xx Register Address, a Calculator/Learning tool to see what happens when the Bits get manipulated and also links to the Class Documentation inside the app so users can read exactly what the procedure they are using will do.

I was at a loss to understand how all the bits were manipulated prior to building this small app and now it really helps me use the Register Class with this tool. Easy for those that have been doing this for a long time but for those learning, its much harder to understand the process.

Let me know if I have anything that needs attention and I will update the Code and Files.

CodeShare URL: http://www.tinyclr.com/codeshare/entry/442

I think many will find this tool helpful!

All the Best


Gus, I dont know if this is important enough to make it a Sticky? I could not see the option?

This is great for those interested in accessing the processor directly. Thanks for sharing. I may use it myself.

No need for sticky and codeshare is taking care of keeping the project alive.

Very good! Thanks!