Lowercase filenames


I am currently having trouble with lowercase file names.

First, I read the banner from the Alfat chip.

Then I mount the USB device as “U0:”

After mounting, I query for free space. This returns the correct value.

I proceed to append to a nonexistent file. It is then created in the process. I name the file with lowercase letters.

Lastly I close the file and unmount the drive.

After I open the flash drive in windows I find that the file name that I gave has been changed to uppercase letters only.

Is this expected behavior? Or what am I doing wrong?

This is on a custom board, but I have verified that electrically it is sound.


@ t11230 -

Hi, thank you for using ALFAT!

You did correctly, this is just ALFAT’s behavior.

Let us know if you have any problem next!