Low tech blinky

I’m hesitant to post this here so please restrain yourselves… My son needs some bling for his Halloween costume so I decided some quick and cheap LED blinkies would suit the bill. A quick Google search refreshed me on the 555 circuit needed. Didn’t work… Tried three others and all I get on any of them is a solid lit LED that never blinks!!! I’ve tried two separate 555CN ICs I bought from Radio Shack a while back. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? Is there something unique about this version of the 555 I’m not seeing? Here’s how it’s wired up…


Reset pin is not connected.

Thanks. I totally re-wired to the specs in your link and I’m still getting the same result. There must be something screwy with these 555s. I’ve got a batch on the way I’d ordered for a different project. I guess I’ll try again when they get here unless you have any other ideas.

Hmm. I think I might have spare 555. I will try it tomorrow - to double check.

sometimes its the 555chip its self… you might want to buy a new one just to make sure.

here are some scans that I took from an old book i have

enjoy :slight_smile:

another one

and last one

Don’t forget to post pictures of the finished costume!

Will do! He’s going to be Wesley from “The Princess Bride” (aka Zoro). I thought his sword could use some blinky bling to make him a little more visible :slight_smile:

Lots of blinky on kids is always a good safety precaution for Halloween! Now I just need to convince my son of that :slight_smile: