Low Power Modes

I think that is a question that has been asked before but I have not read a clear response yet.

Do these modules (Fez Raptor by example) support low power modes (hibernate, deep-slee)? What minimum power consumptions could be get in these low power states?

Thanks in advance.

That is what we are studying now to see what can we do about low power. We should know in few weeks as we are actively finishing the 4.3 release.

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This sounds really great, thank you. I can wait months, if you can deliver some stable low power coolness!

Will this functionality be enabled for the G120/Cobra II? I am very interested as I have a prototype project running on solar and battery for a client.

Really looking forward to this working on the G120. The hibernate already sort of works in 4.2, but it still takes too much power. And the RTC alarm wakeup does not work.

From what I can make out from a cursory look at the Raptor CPU datasheet the low power features are very different to the G120, so it looks like GHI will have there work cut out.

I’d really like to see some idle mode power saving implimented also. The G120 needs almost as much power when idle as when doing work.

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Hi guys

Now that 4.3 release is out, does deepsleep/hibernate works on boards with other chips than G120 (like cerberus, cerbuino bee,…) ?


@ geologic - yes

Cool… Now i have my cerberus sleeping @ 5mA (previously was 25mA).