LoveElectronics Argon R1 JTAG

Hi all,

I know this is not LoveElectronics, but I saw a user called loveelecronics giving support for the Argon in a post.

In our company we owe some FEZ Hydras for using with .NET for the software area, but I’m in the hardware area and we already have proprietary boards with LPC1768 microcontrollers.

We now want to make the step into external storage because we are running out of RAM, and we want to keep the microcontroller family. We use Red Probe+ as debugging tool with LPCXpresso.

Is there a JTAG interface for the LPC1788 in the Argon R1? Is the Argon R1 schematics available for software design reference?

Thanks in advance,

Love electronics is pretty much closed now. They were planning on putting the schematics and firmware up online as open source. Ive been trying to get in touch with James Carter for a long time now but have had no reply.

That would be nice!

It would too. The argon was a really nice board. I still use mine. Last time I spoke to James he said he was prepping everything and then he went dark. He just wasn’t able to generate enough revenue with the Argon and modules to keep going which is a real shame.
When you consider he did everything himself, board design, firmware the whole lot and take into account a year before the argon was released he hadnt even breadboarded. Pretty impressive to say the least.
He is now back runnig a team of developers for a bank I think.

The market is too small.

It is the same MCU as G120 by the way.

Looks like a nice board. On of the few that has an LCD controller that supports 1024x768?