Love electronics gadgeteer board and modules

Hi guys
Love electronics have just released some new modules for gadgeteer. An led array, button, ph /temp sensor (brewing anyone) with more to come.
The argon R1 board is about to ship too yay :slight_smile: waiting for mine to arrive. :slight_smile:

That is great

Great, now to see if I can get my order modified to include some of those modules.

They have also created a pretty nice user forum too. Not many people there yet as its quite new.

I like that Ph + Temp sensor. Having the sensors on an external problem is a lot more useful than the temp sensor currently offered by Seeed.

Spell check gotcha :slight_smile:

I’m with you, though. Measuring temp on the board is not very useful. Most BNC probes output an analog signal which can be easily calibrated with standards. Phidgets also has similar boards (Light/Sound Products at Phidgets) that can hook up to a variety of BNC probes. Would be easy to make a gadgeteer one to accept a wider voltage range, which translates to many more usable probe types. It’s MUCH cheaper than buying off the shelf lab test equipment. I’ve seen several schools and non profits involved in environmental testing initiatives do awesome things with low budget DIY test equipment like this. I also saw a funded kickstarter for a colorimetric device for lab testing (Educational colorimeter kit by IO Rodeo — Kickstarter). This will really open up the low cost DIY lab test possibilities.

Sadly. there was no spell check involved… Obviously, I was checking the forum between problems at work :frowning:

Speaking of low cost equipment… I’m mostly done with a super awesome heart rate monitor that utilizes a big long string of blinky! :smiley: As soon as I can get a 4.2 driver for the OLED display, I can finish it up and post a video. I was hoping Gus was posting that last Fri. Hopefully, this Friday :wink:

how do I use modules from Love electronics with my GHI boards, does Love electronics supply the drivers and required libraries

Yes, Love would be responsible for their drivers. I didn’t see a downloads area on their site. You might try asking on their forums.

This is what i found on their forum

So the anwser is - next week.

Also the Argon is 4.2 so the modules are 4.2 as well.
Looking forward to monday when my Argon ships :slight_smile:

My Argon board and modules from Love Electronics showed up today along with two other packages of goodies, and I have other work which is preventing me from trying out all this new stuff, I’m dying here. If I take the wife out for diner tonight I wonder if she would mind if after I geeked out for the rest of the night?

I thought you are taking your wife to the movies after dinner lol. No gadgeteer tonight :wink:

Where is ‘rent a clone’ when you need it?