Lost my laptop, not cool

I just dropped my laptop and if completely died. I would pay $10,000 to go back in time and move it before it fell.

So many lost files. My last hope is that the hard drive is okay. I am so angry now :frowning:

That sucks Gus, I know the feeling. Hope the drive is still ok.

@ Gus

Standard spindle HDD, or SSD? The latter probably has better resistance to dropping. If you don’t already have one, pick up one of these:


VERY helpful for when you need to grab data off a drive, or copy data from an old laptop to a new one. Reads SATA and PATA (IDE) drives.

I ordered thd exact same laptop and will swap the hard drive tomorrow

Gus, our thoughts are with you ???
Hopefully you had a back up of the Fez Raptor secret schematics ?

Sorry to hear the bad news, Gus. Go ahead, blame it on the monkeys!

Hope you have a crash plan…

Three words - Windows Home Server. Automatically backs all your pcs for you. I have my WHS backed up with SkyDrive too. Its easy and inexpensive.

That sucks! Sorry :frowning:

Amen, brother! I have WHS backing up everything and everything on WHS backed up to CrashPlan. I sleep well (when I sleep…).

Another big +1 to WHS. Been using it for years.

I would, however, be interested in hearing more from @ Jeff_Birt about how you’re backing your WHS up to Skydrive. I don’t currently have an offsite backup, which is a bit risky, if a major catastrophe happened.

Do yourself a favor and get a SSD. I’ve got a 3 year old Macbook Pro with an SSD and it still runs circles around my work-issued MBP.

SSDs have much higher MTBFs and dropping them is not a problem.

Me too. I looked into it a while back and decided there was no way I could afford to back up everything. Thank God for CrashPlan’s unlimited plan :slight_smile:

I bet those monkeys can fix it^^

I got the exact same laptop and swapped the hard drive…we are back in business lol

Look at the bright side. I have an extra hard driver and battery now :wall:

Haha, just be happy your data is saved ;D

Btw, what kind of laptop do you have?

A broken one.

Throw that puppy in an external USB enclosure and you have an easy backup :wink:

It is Sony vaio.

Sorry, I mis-typed. I back the WHS up to IDrive, which is a service like Carbonite, et, etc. At the time I started using it it was the only service I knew I could get to work on WHS.

I use SyncToy to sync data files between laptop and desktop to a master folder on the server. All our other data, photos etc is also on the server. These data files are what I back up to IDrive. That way it easily fits within the 50gb space. If something happened to the house and we lost all the PCs and server then all PCs would have to be replaced so having an image of the old PC is not that helpful. Having the data backed up is what is important at that point.

Another device I find most useful is a USB to HD adapter. I have one made by Sabrent that works with all sizes of IDE and SAT drives. It has been super helpful to recover data from HDs pulled from dead PCs or to hook up a CDROM to a PC without one to load the OS.