LoRaWAN Information

Well I left my tin foil and black helicopter ideas back over on the other thread.
I wanted to start a new thread to catalog interesting LoRaWAN info.

Here is an interesting article comparing LoRa vs LTE-M vs Sigfox.

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Adafruit Feather 32u4 RFM95 LoRa Radio - 900MHz

is back in stock

Adafruit Feather 32u4 RFM95 LoRa Radio- 868 or 915 MHz [RadioFruit] : ID 3078 : $34.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

@ terrence thanks for sharing. Thats a very informative blog. I may have to get some LoRa modules to test out soon.

@ hagster - You are welcome. For a system of iot devices sending data back to the network, LoRa is the answer. Distance and low power.

Currently I am using MultiTech hardware for LoRaWAN.

The conduit is the base station that you plug your Ethernet cable into.
Notice the 210A, which is the AEP version and has a GUI for configuration, also uses NodeRed.
They also sell a 210L Linux version for you CLI junkies.

MultiConnect® Conduit™

This is the LoRa card that you insert into the conduit. There are many different types of cards to purchase.
MultiConnect® mCard™

This is the radio with a STM32F411RET cpu that you program with mbed.
512 KB (400 KB customer usable)
They are coming out with a M0 mdot in a month or so that should require much less power, thus longer battery life.
MultiConnect® mDot™

Plug the mdot into this board, usb cable, download your code from mbed and you are off to the races.
Here is a link to ARMmbed site talking about mDot development

MultiConnect® mDot™ Developer Kit

MultiTech is a US company located on the outskirts of Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sales and service have been excellent.
2 year warranty on hardware.

Direct sales, contact Brandon Dalida
BDalida@ multitech.com

This is an interesting $35 LoRa Nano Gateway. Thank goodness programmable with a high level language MicroPython.
866mhz, no 915 for USA though.

Might it be an idea to compile a list of possible candidate solutions for LoRaWAN. It might trigger others, including myself for the use of LoRa

One i could think of is an car accident alarm… that sends GPS coordinates in case of a crash (long distance, small package of information)

@ RobvanSchelven - Good idea. I will attempt to put my brain on it.

@ U2 - Given the fact that a gateway is always avail within the sending limits of lora, which would have to be within 20 km or ?

This is a very interesting board that I backed on Kickstarter. Hopefully shipping in July 2016.

It is the Swiss army knife of LoRa boards.
-LiPo charge controller
-Accelerometer and magnetometer
-SAMD21 32bit mcu
-Ublox GPS
-14 I/O lines
-and the elusive Microchip RN2903 or RN2483

The LoRaOne Base is a base board where you snap the LoRaOne onto it.
The base has a solar power port and LiPo battery connector.
The kit I purchased comes with a small solar panel and battery.


@ Terrence - You are not the only one waiting … :wink:

@ .Peter. - Right, I wonder if they will be able to get RN2903s from MicroChip for their July delivery.

@ Terrence - Did you address this at the TTN forum ?

@ .Peter. -


@ Terrence - Read that discussion, but there is no explicit mention whether delivering the USA frequency can or can’t be made by the sodaq kickstarter campaign.

Oh, I see what you mean. I will try and ask the question of the sodaq group. Good point, thanks.

@ Terrence - Too late, I’ve already taken the liberty to ask for it … look in the campaign’s comments.

@ .Peter. - Good deal. I might add another comment to back your comment up so they might answer.

Here is a Lora / GPS expansion board for Raspberry Pi. It can be used as LoRaWAN node or gateway.

@ hagster - Oops, sorry, I thought I replied to your message.

You are welcome. Yes, I think LoRa is a great connectivity option for sending telemetry data back to the cloud.