LoRa on FEZ Beta

Hi all,

Ported my RFM9X/SX127X library to TinyCLR-OS on a FEZT18-N. I’m currently testing with Dragino & Elecrow LoRa Shields.

Once I figure out why the DNS lookup on my FEZT18-W is going pop I’ll write a PoC telemetry field gateway for Adafruit.IO or Azure IoT Hubs/Central.



This is great. Keep focus on Lora and leave azure for TinyCLR 2.0. we have a good story there to share soon

Hi Gus,

I have SX1231/RFM69 (used a lot in home automation with bonus baked in AES based crypto) and nRF24L01P library ports in pipeline as well. I’m a contractor and work is drying up as companies cut costs and enforce work from home so I may have some time for hobby projects.



To connect to azure, don’t you need WiFi? My understanding is that LoRa is the low power local mesh and then a gateway somewhere allows for TCP/IP?

HI Gus,

I tend to use LoRa for the “spokes” of “hub and spoke” low power IoT networks.

My library would need a wrapper which implemented a mesh networking protocol.

I was thinking about adapting my Netduino WIfi Azure IoT Hub https client code so that a FEZT18-W can act as a field gateway for other LoRa devices.

If people wanted todo LoRaWAN there are products which implement the RF HW & wireless stack in firmware from companies like MicroChip. These are often a better way to go as the vendor has usually taken care of the necessary government and network certifications.


Once I start playing with LoRa I am going to need a private lesson from you :slight_smile:

Hi Gus,

Sounds like you need a hand with a shopping list of kit for a lab :slight_smile:

We could run some show n tell sessions if there was interest.


pity you’re in SI (I believe, anyway) otherwise you could catch up with @Justin and share LoRa stories (he has a few modules under his belt)

Yes absolutely. I would love to see Lora as a standard built in feature in TinyCLR.

Just ordered a Lora click module and a gateway to play with…


If you have ordered are https://www.mikroe.com/mikrobus they are LoRaWAN devices.

My Library is for doing LoRa with Semtech SX127X chips

I have end-to-end LoRa samples in my blog & hackster



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Yup, the LoRa 5 Click. So your library wont work with LoRaWAN?



I had a quick look at the LoRa 5 chipset vendor datasheet (https://www.mipot.com/en/rf-wireless-products/lorawan-915mhz-trx-32001409/) it implements a LoRaWAN client and uses a UART connection.

My library works with SX127X based (https://www.semtech.com/products/wireless-rf/lora-transceivers/sx1276) shields + breakouts it implements a LoRa client and uses an SPI connection.

For a FEZ * duino style platforms I would look at a shield from dragino/elecrow or similar

If your using another form factor maybe a breakout with some jumper leads for testing

I have some field gateways which run on RPI (Not the latest ones as Windows 10 core) I have used these pHats. Just make sure you select a frequency band which is suitable for your location etc.


Vendors often use the terms LoRa & LoRaWAN interchangeably which can be problematic.

You can use the LMIC (https://github.com/matthijskooijman/arduino-lmic) stack or similar on Arduino but then there are channel allocation and network compliance considerations



@Justin and I chat every so often.

My library has been tested on his Nexus (https://blog.devmobile.co.nz/2019/06/02/nexus-lora-radio-915-mhz-payload-addressing-client/) & IoT Net (https://blog.devmobile.co.nz/2018/09/20/iot-net-lora-radio-915-mhz-payload-addressing-client/) devices.