Looking to hire freelancer to enhance Gadgeteer audio product

Hi Everyone -

My firm has an embedded audio device that we’ve migrated from another platform to Gadgeteer.
GHI did the original migration (thanks, Jeff, John, James, Gus).

Now we’re ready to work directly with a ‘master-level’ Gadgeteer / .netMF developer to make adjustments, do bug fixes etc.

If the initial round of small changes goes well, we’d continue working with youon future versions of the product.

We’re looking for someone who:

  • can jump on the project quickly, with perhaps 5-15 hours a week available for a few weeks
  • is very strong in the network side of .netMF
  • can can work autonomously
  • wants to work on low-level AND on fit-and-finish / UI ‘product-level’ details… In other words, doing whatever it takes to deliver a refined, user-friendly, robust product.
  • is interested in working with networked / web-managed audio devices
  • is US based (so we can share hardware builds easily)

Bonus: our ideal person would also have hardware development skills. Down the road we may want to develop a custom audio board to enhance recording and playback performance.
Think high resolution audio capture, multi-channel playback… fun stuff like that.

If you’re a extremely well-qualfied Gadgeteer / .netMF / Embedded Systems person looking for an interesting short-term, project with future possibilities, we’d love to hear from you.

Please email me at karlvonkries (at) gmail.com, or reply here…



There some very good develops here. I hope you will find what you need Karl.

And welcome to the forum.