Looking to hire a Gadgeteer freelancer for a project

We’re in need of a specific capability that we believe Gadgeteer (combined with several GHI modules) can provide; we’re comfortable supporting this ourselves in the long-term, but due to some time constraints we’d like to have the project initially built and programmed by a freelancer.

We’re looking for a solution that can accept an SD card containing short MP3 or WAV files (~30 seconds of audio each). The programming would watch for a specific trigger (PIR motion detector), randomly select an audio file, and play it.

Each audio file would be accompanied by a simple CSV file having the same base filename (e.g., SONG.MP3 would be accompanied by SONG.CSV). The CSV file would consist of RGB values and a duration in milliseconds:


Meaning, turn Red to full voltage to 3 seconds, then turn Blue to full voltage for 3 seconds. This would be done while the audio file is playing. These values would be translated to voltage (0=0VDC, 255=12VDC) and fed to an RGB light strip. The light strip takes 4 inputs (R, G, B, and a common ground) and draws a maximum of 3amps.

The entire solution would be powered by a USB cable (for the mainboard and modules) and a separate 12VDC power supply (for the LED strip).

We believe we’ve identified the needed Gadgeteer hardware (music module, SD module, main board, USB, PIR, and probably the IO60P16) at a retail cost of about $190, and would be happy to advance that much to get the project started. The one thing we haven’t identified is how to actually control the LEDs; with each color channel capable of pulling about 1A, we don’t believe the IO60P16 can provide the needed load (unless 4-5 PWM pins can be used to drive each LED color line, spreading the amperage draw across those lines?). It’s possible you’d need to build a custom output amplifier circuit to actually drive the LEDs from the Gadgeteer module.

We wouldn’t require the final hardware to be packaged; we have a custom assembly this will go into. We would require the final source code for the project.

If you’re interested, or know someone who might be, please contact me. The easiest is probably to use my company’s contact page at http://concentratedtech.com/contact, using the “Web Site Problem” reason (that comes directly to me).

Many thanks.

@ jeepdon - welcome.

i’m sure you will get a few takers.
I presume you are in the US otherwise i would put i hand up…

Correct, this is in the US. That said, don’t have a huge problem working with someone outside the US - happy to pay via PayPal, for example - provided you’d be able to get your hands on the needed hardware.

@ jeepdon - i pretty much have all the necessary bits, happy to take on the project.

Cool! Drop me a line (don at concentrated tech dot com) when you get a sec. We can cover any specifics I haven’t outlined, you can let me know what you’ll charge, and if there’s any electronics you need to get your hands on in addition to whatever you’ve got.

@ jeepdon - will do

@ Justin - Nice one fella. I hope you can share pics etc of how this turns out. Assuming @ jeepdon gives permission etc.

@ HughB - indeed young man, i have the go ahead to share the details…the led madness begins :wink: