Looking for Windows Tablet / Convertible

I want to get me one of these fancy Tablet thingies now, and since I’m an Windows guy, it should run Windows of course.

I was looking at the Acer Switch E series and similar ones.
The docking keyboard is a nice to have, but not an absolute must.
I would also prefer to have 64GByte Storage, but this might blow my limit which is somewhere between 200 and 300 €

In short
Tablet / Convertable
~10" display
min 32 GByte, better 64 GByte SSD/eMMC
min 2 GByte RAM
Win 8 or 10 (doesn’t matter currently)
Main Usage: Internet, some games for 7 year old son (nothing too fancy), playing around, maybe video playback with MediaPortal 2

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Surface book!

Surface 3 would be great, if it would cost half the price :frowning:

My first choice would be the new Surface devices. However, I love my Lenovo Yoga2 10" tablet and its in your price range. It also has the snap on wireless keyboard which is nice. It ships with Win8.1 but easily upgrades to Win10.

In the 200 - 300€ price range, check out the Asus transformer T100 models. Our family has bought 4 of them, good performance for the price.

Surface Book or GO HOME!

I really like my ASUS T100, too. For the price, it’s great.

Send me 300 Bucks and I get it immediately :smiley:

Good for Kids: Education Tablet


TERRA PAD 1040 Pro 2in1
Robustes Windows 8.1 Professional 2in1 PAD für harte Einsätze.
Das neue TERRA PAD 1040 Pro vereinigt die volle Mobilität eines Tablet PC mit der Funktionalität eines Notebooks.
Ein sehr robustes 2in1 PAD mit vollwertiger Tastatur in der Dockingstation für den rauhen Einsatz.
Geschützt vor Sturz (70cm), Wasser und Staub nach Schutzklasse IP51!
Der mitgelieferte Eingabestift ermöglich Schrifteingaben mit einer Feinheit von 2mm.
Das System ist durch den Einbau einer Festplatte (2.5"/7mm) oder einer SSD in die Dockingstation problemlos und schnell erweiterbar.
Das TERRA PAD 1040 Pro besticht zudem durch sein hervorragendes Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis.
Großartige Tablets haben Intel Inside®.

Good for the purse:


Intel® Atom™ Prozessor Z3735F (2M Cache, bis zu 1.83 GHz), Windows 10 Home,
25,65 cm (10.1") FHD Multi-Touch Display (1920x1200), 2 GB DDR3 RAM, 32 GB
eMMC, Intel® HD Graphics, WLAN 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth, USB 2.0, Micro-HDMI,
Micro-SD Cardreader, 258 x 173 x 10.8 mm, 600g leicht, 24 Monate Pick-Up-
Return Service



Than you all for your tips:
I have ordered the Asus T100HA-FU006T 25,6 cm (10,1 Zoll) with 2GByte RAM and 64GByte eMMC
It seamed to be the best combination to me, even if it is a bit above my limit.

Not sure if this is too late, but:

Tablet Data Capacity:

Network Communiction:
Bluetooth,Wifi,External 3G

Screen Size:

Extend Port:
3G External,Earphone Jack,HDMI,OTG,TF card

Net Weight:

Processor Manufacture:

Touch Screen Type:
Capacitive Screen

Multi Touch,HDMI,G Sensor,OTG,Dual Cameras

Memory Capacity:

Operating System:
Windows 10

Display resolution:

Cell Capacity:

Processor Model:
ATOM x5 Cherry Trail Z8300 64 bit

Windows 10

Intel ATOM x5 Cherry Trail Z8300 64 bit Quad Core 1.8Ghz

10.1 Inch, 1920x1080pixels, Air Retina IPS screen


HD Graphics 12EU Gen8LP 500MHz

Front 2.0MP Rear 2.0MP



External Storage:
Max to 128GB TF card

docking keyboard, etc

On sale in a few days. just $169 without the dockable Keyboard

Just wantet to tell you that my choice for the ASUS Transformer was really bad.
1st it didn’t turn on. After loading the battery completely it turned on.
But soon I found out that even 75% battery was not enough to turn it on again (even with connected charger).
So I sent it back to ASUS for repair. With 10 workdays repair time it would be just back fo xmas.
A week later I got a message that they have to wait for a sparepart (I guess the battery according to the part no).
But this part will only arrive in CW53.
I called the ASUS Service and was informed (in a very rude way) that even that the device was brand new they will never ever send me a new one.
Today I finally got a message that they can not repair it within a foreseeable time, and they want to buy it back.
Since I guess my tablet is not the only one with this fault (according to some Amazon customer feddback) I guess they could have known earlier that they can not repair it.
If I don’t send in some additional Information within 7 days, the tablet is sent back to the repair process, and they wait if they can repair it in the far future (which actually means I would never see it again).
This is what I call bad customer Service.

And so the search for a tablet starts over (my son already searching the whole house, if Santa hid an additional package somewhere).

So I try this one now:
Less expencive and more RAM tahn tha ASUS one.

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - sell it back to them and get the Lenovo Yoga 2 (or 3). You won’t regret it.