Looking for USB plug

Seeing as we have a lot of brains on here I was wondering if anyone has come across the following type of connector before.

I am looking for a Mini B USB plug but instead of cable use, I need to find one which will fit onto a PCB. I need to connect this to a mini B used on a processor board (like the type used for debug on GHI boards)

What I have is a Bulgin Mini B USB (PX0446) that has a 5 pin header that I will solder into a PCB that then will plug into the Mini B USB on the board I have.

EDIT: Like this but prefer not to have to source from eBay.


at first pass I thought Hirose UX series might have a solution…

http://www.hirose-connectors.com/connectors/2d_download00.aspx?T1=UX&cat=Rectangular Connectors&c4=,ALL,Board mounting,Mini USB

but doesn’t look good when you dig in (well I don’t think so).

Digikey search didn’t show anything else interesting either. Mmm, ebay isn’t that bad you know, just buy 10x what you need so you don’t run out :slight_smile:

Thanks Brett,

I also just found these. Waiting for a price quote. I’ll buy more than I need and that way I shouldn’t run out of stock. It’s a low volume product anyway.