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Looking for someone to build a shield


I’ve got a project I’m working on to read the caller ID data from a landline. I’ve found a chip that should do the job but I’m not up to building a shield myself. Until now I’ve used a modem to do this.

Is there a hobbyist or small company that could help me with this, for a fee obviously?

FYI: I would use one of the following chips;
HOLTEK HT9032C or /HT9032D




Be careful with that if you are planning on going commercial. There are some patents involved. A friend of mine got sued for making an Android app that displays caller city and state information.



Thanks for the info, I loathe the American patent system! Luckily, I’m outside of it in the UK where we can’t patent ideas / software in this way.

I’ll keep it in mind though.



I think you meant to point to this page: :slight_smile: